About us


Global Business Solutions From Top Talent at the Nation's #1 Public University

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is thriving and ranks as the #1 Public Institution in the country by U.S. News & World Report. It is also the most applied-to university in the United States. With over 46,000 students, UCLA is classified R1, the highest level of research under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. With this outstanding reputation, the admissions process is highly competitive. Of the over 139,000 freshman applicants for the 21/22 academic year (30,000 more than last year), 15,004 were admitted to the university; an acceptance rate of only 10.8%. UCLA has also experienced 16% enrollment growth since 2010. As a result, demand for a Bruin education is unmatched and continues to grow. 

At Maleo, we've sourced the university's top talent since 2020. Our mission is to
level the playing field of employment among the best firms in the world by providing them with the most competitive students at UCLA and ensuring that a minimum of 50% of our Fellows are derived from underrepresented communities. Our foundation, the Maleo Fellowship Program at UCLA, is a 501c nonprofit organization that has an astounding 100% corporate internship and employment offer rate in consulting, finance, investment banking, and technology. We do this by equipping an exclusive group of exceptional students with the knowledge and competencies to be successful global citizens ​through career planning, mentorship, and leadership.


Our corporation, Maleo LLC, is a social enterprise that drives the mission of our nonprofit forward and allows us to provide scholarships and unique opportunities to our Fellows such as receiving world-class technical training from professionals. This allows them to develop their portfolios in their careers of interest through engagements that utilize leading research, theories, and methodologies. As such, Maleo Fellows can demonstrate their ability to apply what they have been learning in ways that go far beyond the classroom as they actively turn ideas and research into innovations and value. 


While we all come from relevant competitive academic backgrounds, each individual brings their own diverse experiences and skillsets that allow us to challenge each other to think outside of the box, constantly researching and developing the most innovative and effective methodologies, so we can provide custom solutions that best suit our clients' needs.